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Poor App

Does not contain data on Hornady ELD-X bullets.

Great app

I’ve been using isnipe for well over 2 yrs now. I absolutely love it. My only complaint is that I wish the app offered more reticles to download. I recently started using the ATN X-Sight ll. The app for that scope is great and you can do many things with it but I find isnipe to be more accurate when it comes to factoring in changes in wind speed, temp, etc. I get that data off isnipe, then I carry it over to the other app and enter the data manually. Anyway great app. I’d totally recommend it to seasoned long distance shooters as well as beginners. It’s a great tool in my bag of goodies that I use to keep ppl safe.

This app doesn’t have up to date ammunition’s. Very inaccurate.

This app isn't accurate. The weather will not load.

C'mon Man

How does this app not have more reticles by now, really disappointed. Please add Vortex optics

Best app out there

Having tried five or six different apps, this is the best i've found. It's been accurate at distance and with multiple calibers. I too would love to see Vortex Viper reticles added.

iSnipe Ballistic

The best sniper ballistic apps and comparable with others on their owned specs, such as; Mil Dot Ballistic, and Ballistic AE, all top 3 Sniper apps. Per Marine sniper view this apps is currently a five (5) star, I can store many ammo ballistic data, firearms, ranges, etc. and add or make changes when necessary. the accuracy are within sniper kill zone. Sergeant, Sniper, USMC

Govt. load data is off.

The load data under the heading "Government" has M80 going subsonic before 500 yds, and .50 BMG ball after 700. Load data for same cartridges under "Federal" seem to be more accurate. Otherwise, great app.

Best so far

Really great app for the money. Needs more articles, Razor HD MRAD and MOA, Viper PST. Still really recommend it to anyone who practices long range shooting and hunters.

First Rate

I took this app to the range a week ago to shoot a 6mm BR Norma. When I started to use it I was amazed to find it was picking up the ambient temperature, pressure and wind direction from my iPhone. The results it gave were absolutely spot on for every checked distance from 100 yards to 800 yards. I have now configured it for all my rifles and is now the only app for shooting on my iPhone. Great job guys, I love it.

Great app with two problems

Would love to give it five stars but since it does not have more reticle patterns (I would love to see Vortex Viper reticles) and I have a 6.5 creedmoor and I'm wanting to do long distance shooting but it bottoms out on app at 1000 yards wish there was a place for rail MOA data 20 MOA 0 MOA, maybe it's not possible to add that into equation, but only having handful of reticles makes me give it 3 stars.

fantastic app

Fantastic app. Easy to use

Solid program

User friendly program with many options

Fixed the bug 👍🏻Perfect for long range precision

They fixed the bug. Great great app. I target shoot and hunt. Great app. Worth the money

Doesn't work after iOS 10 update

This app used to work great until the iOS on my phone updated. The app still works on my iPad but I don't take my iPad with me into the field. They need an update to work with iOS 10 soon!


Wow. Love this app it's all I use. The new iPhone upgrade messed up the calculations page so can't wait to fix that. I'll also get the spin drift upgrade and it will be complete.

Dropped the Ball

I reviewed this app a while ago and gave it five stars! With updates this app has dropped the ball! I used it at the range for a number of different rifles but now that the compute for range shows hash marks that does help at all. Please fix the app. I paid for it and wish to continue with the use!

USELESS. Under iOS10 this app is unreadable.

Formerly my app of choice for ballistics. Now, just takes up memory I could use for viruses.

iOS 10 update hack

If you press the compute button and see only hash marks all over the page you can email that page to yourself and get your dope. This is BS that we have to go through this but just in case you're shooting a match or something and you need this info this is a way around it.

IOS 10 breaks app

With the update to IOS 10, the text data fields have become corrupted vertical lines. I've used this program for years, and sing it's praises... but I recommend holding off on buying the program until this new bug has been addressed. The software designer has addressed each of the issues that have cropped up in the past with each IOS upgrade, and I'm confident he will smash this bug too.

Until IOS 10 it was flawless!

Once they fix the new bug this app will be my range buddie again. I've had 4 years of dependable use and I've learned a lot with it. Please fix the problem, once you press compute with your rifle data the drop chart comes out as lines. Completely useless. Bummer.

Fix bug!

This is a great app! However, at the moment it does not work after upgrading to iOS 10.

IOS 10 killed the app.

Nothing but vertical lines in the compute chart! Please fix!

Something's wrong

I've used this app for a while and loved it. It was spot on but since the latest iPhone update there are lines on the screen when you click "compute" for your ranges. You have to guess which line is which or have to print it out and take it with you. That doesn't work as temp, humidity, and revolution changes occur. I even sent iSnipe developers an email about the issue and have never received a response. I'm now looking for something that can replace this app that I can actually use.

Does not work and update will not load

Used this app for years and it worked great. New version calculations are nothing but lines. The new version will not download either... please find a fix!!

Broken with iOS10

When compute, results are scrambled. Please fix.


I paid for this app and it doesn't work. Nothing but lines where the data should be

Doesn't work on iOS 10

Worked great until iOS 10, hopefully they will fix it.

Latest version doesn't work at all.

I've used this app for a few years now and had always liked it. Now the new version doesn't work. When you ask it to compute a load it provides nothing but lines in the data area. I'm using an iPhone 6 Plus with software version 10.0.1. I paid for the app I expect it to work.

Still the best!

Great calculator. Tons of ammunition constantly updated. Easy to add custom Ammo and custom rifle info. Best ballistic generator I've found. Been using at least since 2008/2009. Must have

Very useful tool

I use this app every time I shoot a rifle. It has helped me get first round hits at 1040 yards. I highly recommend it.

Weather not working

App has been great in the past, but the weather function has not worked for several weeks now. Have tried on a couple different occasions to email support team and have received no responses.

Weather does not load

I would give this app a 4 stars but the automatic weather load function is not working. And I have my setting correct in the iOS settings for this app.

Near perfect

Still learning and working with it and will add more later. Do hope there is more pellets added. So far I give it 4+ stars. Thanks for a terrific app !

Good app, Stable

I've had great success with this app. I've used it all the way to 1 mile. Sometimes the bullet makes lie about BC, so you may have to tweak them. Once you find true BC and MV, the calculations for drop is spot on. I use it for competitions

Don't waste your money

This app is not accurate at all you have to cheat velocity so much to match Known MOA. I can input same info into applied ballistics and hit my mark every time. Don't waste your money and time on this app very frustrating. So now I have to spend 30 more on Brian Litz Applied Ballistic program. Isnipe is off @ 1000 yards by 5 moa that is substantial. Very disappointing app especially when they charge 15 for this app. So spend 15 more and get the ballistic app that works.

Great app!!!!!

I have loved using this app!!!!!!

Very good program

I use this program for work and it is fairly accurate. Just like anything else, you will need to play with velocity, BC and other variables to match your load to the dope. This can only be done with a lot of testing and training, however, once you get your load dialed in, the software is great. My complaint is with the weather portion of the app. There seemed to be a problem somewhere between actual altitude and density altitude. I would like to see DA added in the program, so that I can compare my DA with that of the app.


This app was easily 5 star up until a month ago, all the data has become completely unreliable. Setting a 200 yd zero (or any zero) displays 57 inch drop at 200 yds. Reticle feature is stuck on target at all distances. No contact from support after 4 emails. Real shame, a little help wouldve saved this one.

Best app ever

This is by far the best ballistic app available. I have several steel targets at ranges exceeding 500yds . Once you cartridge data is entered , just enter the specific distance and then apply the dope solution to your scope . On target every shot

Daily user

Fabulous app. Accurate. Very well maintained and updated. Easy to navigate and apply in the field. Backup works great

This app rocks!

If you are a shooter or hunter you need this app! I use it for everything from my FX Airgun to my 1000yd target rifles and it is right on target every time.

Awesome App!

I love this app!

A Must Have!

This app is amazing! I use it every time I go to the range, which is weekly. It is not just close but dead on. I regularly shoot out to 500 yards. With the adjustments it gives, I can hit 16 oz water bottles at 400 yards on the first shot. This app truly amazed me a couple days ago. I had set up one gallon milk jugs at the 500 yard mark. I was shooting a .223 AR-15 that has a drop of 49 inches at that range. I adjusted the scope with the information i snipe had given me and hit the first milk jug with the first shot. This app is a must have for anyone who shoots. Whether it be target or hunting. Thanks for this app!

Excellent tool

I use an Angle Cosine Indicator on my scope tube for vertical angle or an app. This is a great app for the cost and does everything I want. It helped me win a bet with Ken Elmore, the Black Rifle guru, about near and far zeroes during an advanced M4 armorers recert which was priceless!


If you shoot long-range you need this app.

I use in competition

Unlike BreakInThings, I use this app in long-range tactical precision shooting competitions out to 1,600 meters. Superb aid although nothing can match my log book reflecting thousands of rounds under varying environmental conditions. But BreakInThings is correct, an elevation offset would be helpful and keep me from manually doing the trig on those across-the-valley shots when the target is at a substantially different elevation.

Well laid out but needs more development

This app is 90% there but missing a few details to be a serious long range shooting tool - needs an option for offset zero height - needs different reticle and zoom options, and zoom capability on the reticle screen 9mm projectiles are still missing from the database. ... Over a year later, 9mm projectiles are STILL missing! Why??


Great product. Nothing better for the cost. Allows you to get a feel for what different ammo can do for accuracy. Recommend to anyone with interests in guns and ammo.

Awesome app

This app is awesome. Pre loaded with data from tons of factory loads. Greats for reference and comparisons. Is there any way that when you enter the load menu to choose a cartridge that next time you enter the load menu again it can bring you back to that cartridge instead of back to the top of the cartridge list? It would make comparisons for similar cartridges or different loads within the same cartridge much faster than scrolling back though. Either way. Amazing app. I use it every week as a reference tool not just for the ballistics calculations at the range. Thank you for the updates.

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