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iSnipe app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 6416 ratings )
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Developer: Web Diligence
14.99 USD
Current version: 4.1.10, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 24 Nov 2008
App size: 69.88 Mb

"Great app! " [5/5 Rating]

"The latest update includes most every factory bullet and is great. I used it to harvest a doe at 525 yards - a perfect heart and lung shot! This is a terrific app for hunting or range shooting out to 6-700 yards." [5/5 Rating]

"Precision and sniper shooters alike, this is the app for you." [5/5 Rating]

"... extensive library of factory rounds to choose from. Support is top notch and responsive.... Youll find iSnipe to be an excellent ballistics computer. " [5/5 Rating]

iSnipe is the original ballistics calculator for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Using the exclusive Direkon ballistics engine, iSnipe generates military grade 3-DOF solutions to small arms trajectories, including corrections for Pitch, Yaw, Atmospheric Conditions, Coriolis/Eötvös Effect and Spin Drift.

Simply put, a ballistics computer is a calculator used to predict a bullets path/energy/wind drift/etc… For shooting enthusiasts this means the ability to pre-determine how, where and at what speeds your bullets will fly, before you even open your gun safe.

Created with ease of use in mind, iSnipe is the perfect companion to Military/Law-Enforcement Officers, Competition Shooters and Gun Aficionados alike. With all the features youd expect from a mobile, ballistics calculator including the ability to save and load ammo/firearm/shooting range profiles, automatic saving of form values, combined with all the features youd expect from an integrated iOS app, there is no better way to get on target every time.

Check out our website to see more screenshots and video tutorials of iSnipe in action.

Features At A Glance:
- Easy To Use
- Universal App (iPad/iPod/iPhone Compatible - No need to buy two apps!!)
- Full Metric Support
- Visual Wind Direction Controls
- Visual Weather Controls
- Visual Angle Calculator
- Two color themes for perfect vision, in any light.
- Detailed Output for any distance
- Get Direct Results For A Specific Distance Instantly
- Visual Display Of MIL-Dot Hold-Over/Hold-Under*
- Visual Display Of MIL-Dot Windage, Adjustable For Moving Target*
- Atmospheric Correction (Temp, Altitude, Humidity, Pressure)
- Coriolis/Eötvös Effect Correction available via In-App Purchase
- Spin Drift Correction available via In-App Purchase
- Retina™ Display Ready
- Exclusive Direkon Ballistics Library (Written by Derek Yates)
- Over 150 Pistol and Rifle Calibers
- Over 1500 Bullet/Projectile Profiles - Now including Airgun Pellets!
- Over 2600 Factory Ammo Profiles
- Landscape Support For Output Table (i.e Larger Text Results)

*target and reticle not drawn to scale

** All updated B.Cs verified using "Ammo & Ballistics 3 - For Hunters, Shooters, and Collectors - Third Edition©" & "Applied Ballistics For Long Range Shooters - By Bryan Litz" where possible.

Pros and cons of iSnipe app for iPhone and iPad

iSnipe app good for

Great app! So easy to use on field and accurate. Please just add the ability to define the height at the zero distance and that will be perfect.
Very well done. Lots of factory data. Accurate calculations. Recommended.
After using this program for the last 6 or so months I would have to say its quite good. The one thing I would like is when you have every thing in meters that the firing Solution be put in meters as well. This way when you are running a mil/mil set up and working in meters you dont have a huge miss at long range.
There seems to be quite a few ballistic calculating apps on the market now. iSnipe has to be the cream of the crop. For me, the biggest deal, was the inclusion of all four major pellet calibers, along with brand names, and weight in grains. Hawke has a similar app, but this one does so much more. I love the way it uses your current position to give you temperatures, wind speed and direction, altitude, humidity, and barometric pressure. Not just extremely informative, it is a lot of fun too. Check this one out. You will not be disappointed.
Works well. I run several ballistic apps but this one can estimate distance from a photo. Thats pretty cool.
I gave this app a bad review earlier but I didnt have my angle to target set at zero. I set it to zero and the calculations are dead on. I give this app a 4 star because there is no instructions

Some bad moments

There are big problems in the printout version and in the list, if I want to use the metric version. Please fix this problem and show the right numbers with the right unit.
After the last update it does not work on iPad anymore hope they fix it soon
I cannot use the "daily variables" . I have excellent internet connection but application says me: control your internet ... Why i can not use it???
The application crash when trying to calculate results, doesent work! Lapplicazione schianta quando si prova a calcolare il risultato, non funziona!!
Ive used this app for a few years now and had always liked it. Now the new version doesnt work. When you ask it to compute a load it provides nothing but lines in the data area. Im using an iPhone 6 Plus with software version 10.0.1. I paid for the app I expect it to work.
I paid for this app and it doesnt work. Nothing but lines where the data should be

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