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Great app! So easy to use on field and accurate. Please just add the ability to define the height at the zero distance and that will be perfect.

Big metric problems

There are big problems in the printout version and in the list, if I want to use the metric version. Please fix this problem and show the right numbers with the right unit.

Very well done.

Very well done. Lots of factory data. Accurate calculations. Recommended.

Pretty good

After using this program for the last 6 or so months I would have to say its quite good. The one thing I would like is when you have every thing in meters that the firing Solution be put in meters as well. This way when you are running a mil/mil set up and working in meters you dont have a huge miss at long range.


This is great app highly recommended

Great Find

There seems to be quite a few ballistic calculating apps on the market now. iSnipe has to be the cream of the crop. For me, the biggest deal, was the inclusion of all four major pellet calibers, along with brand names, and weight in grains. Hawke has a similar app, but this one does so much more. I love the way it uses your current position to give you temperatures, wind speed and direction, altitude, humidity, and barometric pressure. Not just extremely informative, it is a lot of fun too. Check this one out. You will not be disappointed.


Its just a little software but precise and deadly.

Great app. Thats about it.

Works well. I run several ballistic apps but this one can estimate distance from a photo. Thats pretty cool.

Very good app!

I gave this app a bad review earlier but I didnt have my angle to target set at zero. I set it to zero and the calculations are dead on. I give this app a 4 star because there is no instructions


The best app I have! It really works well.. Very happy!

Deer hunter

Great App, works well with an extensive list of ammo ballistics. Very pleased.


Awesome app use it quite abit on figuring out a lot of ballistics, just wish it had a option to set your zero height and your zero offset.

Not bad, but needs a fix.

If you try to update weather info when not connected to the Internet it repeatedly errors even when you get connected. Needs a fix, makes app unusable.

Excellent app

A must for any shooter


You need to make a iPad version. Yes you can view it on a iPad, but the resolution is poor. Otherwise, I love this app.

Great combo

Love the factory and reload ballistics, also love the hold over diagram. I can pick a caliber and weight without spending money testing.

Dial it up

This is bang on. 0 at 100 dialled up 13 mil, (the recommended dope) and was within 1 at 300. Awesome app

Great App

Great asset. Easy to use.


Quite impressed. Is a big help and had a ton of factory rounds in its library for any caliber and type.

Great tool.

Great app!! I have used it for converting from meters to yards in the field prior to a match and was impressed back to 500 yards. Going back to 800 yards had to do the odd adjustment for my elevation (0.1-0.2mil give or take). Overall I am very impressed and I recommend the product on a regular basis.

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